25 Football Snacks

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

These 25 Savory Football Appetizers most definitely have me excited for the big night!

I love all to make appetizers like these when our family comes over to watch the game.

 1. This  Hamburger Dip is simple & it is always a huge hit at parties.  Trust us!

A Party Touchdown: How cool is this? Super creative while still being super easy to put together!

Taco Cups – these are delicious! 

Cream Cheese and Toffee Apple Dip Recipe – What a perfect combination of sweet and savory!

Famous & Delicious Cobb Dip? Such a versatile addition to your appetizer menu!

6. This Salsa is easy to make and is one of our family’s favorites!

 7. These Bacon-Wrapped Brats are SO good… trust us! 

8. I’m all for great appetizers, but don’t forget some sweet treats (& print out these football cupcake toppers!)

9.  Potato Chips coated in chocolate?  Don’t mind if I do… 

10. These Cheese-it Chicken Nuggets are perfect for all of the little hands in attendance.

11.  Taco Ring– it takes no time at all, looks amazing & tastes even better!  Pull apart & eat. 

12. This Homemade Chicken Basil Pizza is yummy & simple… even the kids can make it!

13. Have you ever thought of cooking a Taco Pizza? They are so simple (made with biscuits!)

14. Using rolls, cheese sticks, and pepperoni, you can quickly create these Pizza Twists. 
15. Football Stromboli Bites- Pizza, Football & bite-sized?  It doesn’t get much better!

16. Do you want something unique?  These Jalapeno Peach Shrimp Skewers have got ya covered!


17. These meatball bombs are cheesy & simple! 

18. A Football party is not a party without meatballs! Give these delicious Italian Raisin Meatballs a try.  You’re welcome to download my great-grandma’s sauce recipe, too!

These loaded potato skins are so good & you can customize each one!

22- This layered taco dip is one of the easiest recipes you will ever make!  Trust me!

23- You can’t go wrong with a veggie tray!

24- Deviled eggs look so cute with chives as the football laces!

If you are in the mood for sweets when you get home, try this One Minutes Chocolate Chip Mug Cake recipe!

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