Practical birthday presents for an 8 year old boy

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TODAY OUR YOUNGEST SON TURNS FOUR!!   He was so easy to buy a gift for because right now he is open to anything and everything.  He doesn’t have too many favorites, so I can easily find him something that he will love.

On the other hand, our 7 year old is getting a little harder to buy for, because he is growing out of “toys”.   He is turning 8 in August, so I wanted to share 8 practical gift ideas for an 8 year old boy.   These are are things that I think he will really enjoy.  They are PRACTICAL, too, which works better at that age.

1- Books.  He loves reading!  He is really into the Magic Treehouse books and any sort of mystery books.   He just got his own library card this past week, and the librarian told him about how it is for responsible children, etc…   it was like a gift in itself.  I buy books used most of the time, at consignment sales.

2- A stocked desk organizer.   Our son organizes his room every few days, so a desk organizer is perfect for him.  It keeps his markers, pens, erasers, etc… organized.  (Fill it up for him- that’s half of the fun!)

3- A new backpack for school. I would find out which one he wants and buy him a new one for school (try to be sneaky).

4- Pajamas – Our kids love new pajamas!  My mom buys them PJ’s often (she’s a great shopper & always seems to get them on sale) and the kids are so excited each time!   I just bought some at 80% off yesterday, so I am saving them for his 8th birthday.

5- Boxer Briefs- Our son prefers boxer briefs over anything else.   He has even gotten his brothers to wear them, as well.   I buy the Fruit of the Loom® Sure Fit collection at Walmart.  I would buy these ahead of time and wash them (my husband thinks that everything needs to be washed before it is worn, but thankfully these boxer briefs don’t fade/stretch/change in the wash, so they still come out great.    Here is a picture of the ones that we buy (as we were buying them- haha!)

6- Undershirts.  If your son is anything like ours, he has started to want to wear these under his nice shirts (like his Dad… see him wearing them here:

So, he wears them for church.   Again, we use the Fruit of the Loom® Sure Fit from Walmart.   They hold up so much better than others.  Find out more about the Fruit of the Loom® Sure Fit here start happy™


7- Shoes – a new pair of sandals or tennis shoes goes a long way!
Our kids love shoes, anyways, so this is always a hit.   We can get a pair of flip flops for a few dollars at Wal-Mart and they will last all summer long- perfect to wear to the pool.

8- A board game.  This isn’t quite as practical, but it is very fun, can be used over and over again and it promotes family bonding time, so I think it needed to make this list.   A few of our favorites are Clue, Headbandz, sorry sliders, monopoly (not my favorite but the kids like it) and Chutes & Ladders. What else can you suggest for a boy’s birthday gift?

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