a letter to my child’s future teacher

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I have been so blessed with wonderful teachers for our children, so far.

Right now, we have a baby that stays home with me, two children in preschool (in in the 3’s and one in the TK-5 year old class) and one child in elementary school.  Their teachers have loved them and have supported them.  I hope that their future teachers do the same. 
This is a letter to my child’s future teacher…

Dear future teacher,

Please do not judge my child by their siblings.   My children are different- radically different.

I have a serious (but goofy when no one is watching!) child.  He is a perfectionist (so much so that he is discouraged from trying new things because he does not want to fail).  He works hard at everything that he does and his hard work pays off with success.  He is kind and sweet and so helpful!

I have a son that marches to the beat of his own drum.  He is funny and goofy and his smile/laugh is contagious!  He is strong inside and out.   He can push your buttons and in the same moment, he will win your heart.  He is adorable, to say the least, so funny, and wise beyond his years (and beyond what he lets on!)

Our third son- well, you better walk on egg shells around him!  haha!  One wrong move and he will let you know it.  He is three and full of life.  One right move and you will see the goodness that surrounds him!  He is funny and loyal to his friends (& his siblings/cousins – he loves them more than anything!) and when he loves you, he LOVES you with his whole heart.

Our daughter- from what I can tell, she is a combination of her brothers: Shy, funny, silly, loving…  and she loves when her Mama dresses her up, so she certainly wins my heart! haha!   Oh, and her future teachers better watch out- with three big brothers, she will be up for any challenge!  She will be stronger than she looks.
~ “Let her sleep, for when she wakes, she will move mountains” – Napoleon Bonaparte

So I ask you, first, please don’t judge my child by what you see in my other children.
They are all fearfully and wonderfully made.

Please don’t judge my children by what other teachers’ have told you.   Yes, they may have been Shy or Silly last year.  He may have excelled or struggled last year, but this year is different.  This year YOU are his teacher and YOU have the ability to help my child or hinder my child.


Please follow in my own brother’s footsteps… My brother was a teacher before he moved onto administration.  He would ask other teachers (his student’s former teachers) not to tell him anything about his new students- he wanted to set his own opinion of each student.  I have always admired that.   I hope that you make your own opinion about my child instead of listening to what other teachers have thought of him, good or bad.


I put my trust into you, all day long, to care for my child just as I care for him when he is home.  I hope that you are patting him on the back or giving him a hug when he does well.  I hope that you are pushing him to his limits and setting high expectations for him, because he will reach what you put before him.


I love when you make my child laugh!   I love when he tells me the funny things that you did when you thought that only 7 year olds were watching (before you realized that they were coming home to tell their parents!)


I love that I can smell your perfume on his hair and cheeks at the end of the day.   Our 3 year old always smells like his teachers.  I witness their hugs daily and he comes home with proof on his cheeks.


I trust you with my child during the day and you are doing this because you love to be with our children as much as I loved to be with children when I taught.   Teaching and molding a child is a special thing and we don’t take it lightly. 


Becky Mansfield, the Mama of these four blessings… 

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