Board with Chores?

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

I love to motivate our kids to do chores.

I currently use my chore basket as a fun way to have our kids helping with chores, without having to worry about a chore chart.  The kids have their age-appropriate chores (you can see that list here).

Here are two more ways to make chores fun:

1- Chores in Balloons:


This one is easy and fun!  You put chores in the balloon and just let the kids pop a balloon- they get to do the chore that they have popped.  This is great if you are cleaning for a party!



2. Board Game Chores.


1- Buy an old board game from a thrift shop – (get one like Candy Land)

2- Make a list of age appropriate chores:

3- Make each chore worth a certain number of spaces on the game board, so folding their own clothes could be 2 spaces.   Helping to clean out the garage could be three spaces.  You could make this list and have it hanging by the board game, for easy access.

4- Keep this board game and list in a designated area so the kids can move their spaces (you might want to be the one doing the moving, unless you use this parenting tip to keep those kiddos honest).

5- When the child completes their chore, they get to move forward the number of spaces.

6- Certain spaces are marked with FUN activities!   RULE:  EVERYONE HAS TO REACH THIS SPOT TO GET THE ACTIVITY!  We wait on the last person to reach it and then we celebrate.   So it could be that ever 6th square it says “Go out for Ice Cream tonight!”    Or ever twelfth space it says “Play a family board game!”   On the very last space, do something special “Go to the movies!”  Or “Have you cousin sleep over this weekend!”
Everytime that they get to a special thing (peanut, candy cane) on Candy Land, they get to move ONE MORE SQUARE.

7- If someone is falling behind, you can encourage them and even help them.  It won’t move them up, but it will get them a cotton ball in their reward jar. 

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