Easter teacher gift ideas or for teacher appreciation week! Bunny Boxes for Easter

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šŸ” Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of DeclutteringšŸ”

One of my favorite spring crafts that I have made in recent years has to be my Bunny Boxes. Not only are they perfect for the classroom and Spring parties, but they cost only pennies to make.

The dollar store often sells mini storage boxes in their dish and container aisle. They come ten to a package, making each box only 10 cents each. In addition to the storage boxes, you will need some white chenille stems for the ears, mini pom poms for the feet and tail, google eyes, and a marker.

I like to start with the ears when making my bunnies. For each bunny you will need one of the chenille stems cut in half. Fold one of the pieces in half again, and shape it into a long loop. Do the same with the second half of the chenille stem. Twist the bottom of the ears, and bend them slightly. I found the best way to attach the ears to the lid of the box is to hot glue them, applying the bent part of the ear to the box. Next you will glue one of the mini pom poms to one of the ends of the box, where you would like the tail to go. To make the feet, glue pom poma on the bottom of the box in each of the four corners.

On the front end of the container, glue on the google eyes, and draw on the smile with marker. Now for the fun par!. Fill your Bunny Boxes with your favorite Easter treat, such as M&Ms or jellybeans. These boxes are the perfect size for little hands, and are great for so many Spring events.

Fill them with candy, crayons, cotton balls, plastic eggs, erasers, markers, mintsā€¦ anything like this would be perfect for their desk!Ā 

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