5 best tips to calm a fussy baby (for happier moments!)

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One of my dearest friends is expecting a baby… it is her first one! I am trying to figure out how to give her advice, without overwhelming her! Tonight she told me that her friend said that her baby cried all of the time. This is not something that a new mom wants to hear, even if it is the truth.

Today I wanted to put together my 5 best tips to calm a fussy baby because I hope that it gives her some added advice and comfort (knowing that we have been there, done that!)

(In this picture we were expecting our fourth baby… two years ago!)


I had a baby that fussed his way to sleep every night. Our first born baby was fussy every night for a few hours. Our lactation consultant called it “the witching hour” because it is so common. We had to cluster feed & dream feed our kids every night! It was seriously every single night. Luckily, he was our first child and I was able to give him all of my attention that that time. Our doctor told me that it was colic.

Here are 5 tips to help calm a fussy baby…

1- Massage. I’m sure you have heard that a massage is good for the baby- it is! You can gently massage the gas out of your baby. Take your baby’s legs and gently do a bicycle motion with them. You can also draw circles around your baby’s belly button (stay within 2 centimeters of the belly button) in a clockwise motion.

Another way to calm them was to have Daddy hold them or help you massage them… something about their Daddy’s arms just made our babies calm.

2- Use the miracle blanket. Oh I cannot talk about this enough. At the time, I thought that spending $35 on a blanket was ridiculous, but it saved us MANY MANY nights of crying. It is just a super long swaddle blanket, unlike any others. LOVE IT!

Of course, the best snuggles & feeling of security come from your arms…

3- Try Gas Infant Drops. For many babies, the colic might just be a temporary digestive issue caused by the inability to digest lactose, which is in breast milk or formula. I have found that Colief Infant Drops  can be helpful… and can bring your happy baby back.    


4- Be still. I read the best book in the world for new moms called The Baby Whisperer and it was life-changing. It taught me an important lesson… when your child is fussy, don’t add to that by bouncing the baby around, or adding extra stimuli to the room. Take the baby into a dark room, sit and be still, holding your baby. A simple lullaby might help.    I sang Toora-Loora-Loora to all of our children (as did my mom to me and her mom to her). It just seems to calm them.

In the meantime, if you get nothing else, get this book! Seriously! Best investment ever! (Or get it from the library). We have four kids and I have read it four times.  Plus, I give it as gifts at any baby shower I go to. 🙂

Have a little faith in your little one and in yourself. 

5- This, too, shall pass. Yes, a fussy baby is hard. I know!

Remember that in a few months (yes, only months!) your baby will be over this and you will be closer because of it. You will have held your baby during her fussy moments, offered hugs, kisses, a love to help her. Enjoy this beautiful baby and thank God for all that you have.

See the beauty and happiness in your child, your relationship, and your new love.

I hope that these tips were helpful.  I know you may feel stuck in the middle of this phase right now, but I am here to tell you that it does go by quickly.  Our oldest is now ten years old and it feels like just yesterday I was asking the same question that you are asking right now.

Keep on Keepin’ on,
Becky Mansfield

Ps… that “baby” now… wow.  It flies by.



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