You Can Get A Giant Lollipop Of Your Face

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Leave it up to my kids to find this candy store (“Spun”) in Florida where you can get a giant lollipop of your face!  They saw it in a magazine a few weeks ago while we were waiting at the Dentist and of course, it went right onto every list they have: Easter, Christmas, Birthdays… any chance to get it and they are jumping at it. 😉

Image: Instagram for Spun

If you’ve ever wondered what you would look like if you were made out of candy, now you can see!  You can have it made for just about anyone – I know four kids who would be jumping at the chance to see themselves made of candy.  hahaha!  I think I love unique presents because it’s not something you’d expect.

Image: Instagram for Spun

These lollipops are handmade from scratch every single time… and they only take about a week!  I was surprised by that part.

Image: Instagram for Spun

Although it’s not suggested for young children (under 3), I think my kids would be laughing for days if they opened these up on their birthday or as a holiday gift. 🙂

Then, of course, I started looking for other things that you can make that look just like you.

These Budsies are so fun!   You can either take a picture to send in, or you can draw a picture and they will make a stuffed animal out of what you draw!

They also have a link to a store called MyPetsie where you can get a stuffed animal of your pet!

Or you can turn yourself into a LEGO and “brick yourself” like this LEGO figure below from Firebox:

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