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Me: ā€œBeau, read this pageā€¦ ā€˜TheĀ squirrel climbed the tree and went into the tree house.ā€
Beau: ā€œMom? Ā  What if they built him a little tunnel, so he could get into the tree easier? Ā When he goes inside, he could have a pulley thatĀ he puts all of the nuts into and he just uses a robot that they make himĀ to raiseĀ the basket up with the pulley. Ā Oh!Ā Mom! Ā Then they couldā€¦ā€

It is back to school time in our house and that means a lot of reading, writing and arithmetic. Ā  In our house, it means a lot of building, because that is what our kids love to do. Ā They love to create & experiment and we let it happen on a daily basis. Ā We encourage it and give them the tools to accomplish it.

This is how his mind works. The point is ā€“ if I can find a way to work building into his day, he is happy and he is learning! The possibilities of a childā€™s imagination are boundless when theyā€™re given the opportunity to create. BOSEbuild has a new Speaker Cube that enables children the opportunity to discover and explore by building a durable, high-performance Bluetooth speaker that can be used for years.

Iā€™veĀ written about it beforeĀ and I wanted to share it againĀ because he loves itā€¦ we even built another one to keep in the garage (one for his room, one for the garage, while he is building!) Ā  He uses the one in his room while he is cleaning his room (he says the music helps him) and the new one in the garage will be on his little workbench (an actual workbench that he & Mickey built). Ā He has even asked if he could take it in to show his new classā€¦ and I think its the perfect way to encourage his classmates to want to build, invent & create, too!

It starts as aĀ sort of guided experience (see the gamified mobile app below).

It invites kids to experiment with how a simple magnet and coil can make aĀ sound. Ā (see the magnet below)

After your kids explore the mechanics of sound, they can build and personalize their very own durable speaker with a choice of LED lights, silhouette covers and clip arrangements. (see the speaker below).

All of the kids are at the perfect age for it (recommended 8 & up) & since the Build-it-yourselfĀ Ā BOSEbuildĀ Speaker CubeĀ ($149)Ā is just like a journey of science from magnet to music.

I want to encourage you to build & play with your kids todayā€“Ā really get down on the floor or sit with them and play, build & learn with them.Ā Ā Put everything else asideĀ (leave your phone in the other room). Ā  Ā To help you get started today, here are a fewĀ suggestions that I give toĀ the families that I work with:

1-Ā Schedule itĀ if you have to.Ā Ā  Schedule your playtime. Ā Set aside time, every day, that is devoted to your child. Ā  Maybe it is 12:00 right after lunch? Ā  Whatever works for you- just beĀ ALLĀ there.

2. Mix it up when you getĀ bored of playingĀ the same thing.Ā Ā  Find a new activity- make it fun for yourself! Ā Find toys and games that you would have loved to have played when you were little!

3.Ā Ā Listen to your kids as they play with you and talk to them.Ā Ā Donā€™t just be ā€œthereā€, but really beĀ IN THE MOMENT.Ā Ā So many times I feel like we are ā€œthereā€ but we arenā€™t ā€œreallyĀ thereā€. Ā BE PRESENTĀ TODAY!

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