Winter Fitness Tips

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

Winter Fitness Tips:


Find a local gym & go every day.
You can break a bad habit in 3-4 days and start a new one in 21 days.  Go every day for a month & you’ll have a new healthy habit.Watch a movie
Watch a movie & do your sitting exercises!Use Your Treadmill & walk! 
So this week, I was on Pinterest, my favorite place to be when I’m online, and I found this fun Treadmill hack by Gina Milicia!
Play in the snow.
It is HARD work to pull a child up a hill on a sled!  Do it about 5 times and you’ll be exhausted!Use your swingset. 
One of my favorite things about going on vacation with my brother & his family is that we like to find places to work out.  If we see a playground, we will use it for a workout.  Crunches on the sliding board, pull-ups on the monkey bars, calf raises on the steps…   the same thing goes for being outside.   Try to use your environment to work out.   Logs for push-ups, trees for pull-ups, running through the snow for a good leg workout… you get the idea.


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