Convert a closet into a cat room

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

We should get a cat.” I told my husband years ago. His answer was always no. He didn’t like cats and never wanted one in the house. I, on the other hand, grew up with two cats and a golden retriever and I loved being surrounded by my pets. I loved how my cats would snuggle up with me when I was sleeping and how they would follow me around.

So, after years of not wanting one, all that it took was our son holding a cat that needed to be adopted and looking at his dad asking if we could bring him home. Ten minutes later we were on our way home, cat in hand (well… in arms.)

The thing about cats is that they come with ‘stuff’. They need a litter box, which certainly isn’t pretty and can be messy. They need somewhere to sleep and perch.

My friend, Hillary, had the best idea. She said that they converted their coat closet into a cat room! I loved it. We immediately did the same. As soon as we got home, Mickey got to work.

We ordered a cat door that works wonderfully (the dog can’t fit in!)

Next, he made Curry a bed, complete with a scratching post (wood wrapped in a hemp material).

He put a tray on top (screwed it into the wood) and we use that area for his food.  

He has never known any different than having his food near his litter box, so it has never bothered him.  We just clean it daily.

He built shelves going up the side of the closet by using wood and wrapping them in carpet, then attaching them to the walls.

There are three levels (the kids can’t reach the top one, so he goes there to escape everyone):


We added a latch lock to the door (see in the picture below on the left door trim).  We can lock the door, so the kids can’t open it while he is trying to hang out in there).   It doesn’t lock him in, but it does lock young kids out. 

We also added a shelf on top to hold his litter so we can easily change it, scoop it & refill it.


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