Devotional activity using play doh – how God molds you

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

“But Lord, you are our father.  We are like clay, and you are the potter.  Your hands made us all.”
~Isaiah 64:8

I recently received a wonderful new devotional (that I LOVE) called God’s little Princess Bedtime Devotional, by Sheila Walsh.   I love it so much and wanted to share a little bit of it for you so that you can do this with your child this evening.  One of my favorites was this devotional activity using play doh. 

 This is taken directly from her 223 page book filled with topics like Anger, bullying, courage, choices, family, generosity, the golden rule, Heaven, patience, worry, trust, Jesus)

“Have you ever seen a potter make  a bowl or a vase?  He takes a big, shapeless lump of clay and places it in the middle of a potter’s wheel.  Then, as the wheel turns, the potter shapes the clay with his own hands into something beautiful and useful.  

God says that each of us is like that shapeless lump of clay.  He picks us up and places us in the middle of the potter’s wheel.  Then God begins to shape us with His own hands.  He might round out a thoughtful heart.  He might pull up a love for giving.  He might even smooth off a rough edge or two.  In the end, He makes something beautiful and useful- you!

As you think about how God shapes you, use some Play-Doh to shape a creation of your own.   Put it on a tray so you won’t make a mess.  Make a crown or a puppy or a statue of Teddy, your favorite bear.  When you’ve finished, take a close look: your creation is covered with your fingerprints- just as God’s fingerprints are all over you!” 

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