Diaper leaking at night and your child is waking up wet? These tips will help.

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I had to write this post for my many many friends that tell me this so often!   If your baby is waking up wet in the morning because their diaper leaking at night, there are a few things that you can do to help, until you can potty train at night.    I have written several posts on how I potty train in three days and I even wrote a book about how I potty train in a weekend (I trained our three kids this way and plan on training #4 next month… when she is 20 months), but the leaking diaper situation was driving me crazy.  Here are tips that have helped us and I hope that they help you, too!

1- My best tip to keep your baby dry all night is to go up TWO sizes in his/her diapers at night.   (We used these diapers) So, if your child can fit into a size 4 in the day, put her in a Size 6 at night.   It works.  If we put her in a size 4 in the day AND night, she used to leak every single time.    I would go up two sizes.  I don’t think diapers really go much higher than that, but if you can’t go up anymore and your child is still leaking, see #2.

2- My friend, Deanna, shared another great tip with me!   She used to put a maxi pad in her child’s diaper before bed.  She said that the extra absorption was just enough to keep them dry at night (and since the cost for a pack of pads is far less than a pack of diapers, it is another good option).

3- Put the bigger diaper on RIGHT before bed.  If your child has a bath  at 5:30 and is in her pajamas, be sure to wait to change her diaper into her size 6 until right before bed, around 7:00.  The bigger diapers are more expensive, so I only used them at night.   I used the regular ones at nap time.

4-  Instead of using a pull-up at night, go for the full diaper.   I never use pull-ups in our house for potty training (see my post on how I potty train in 3 days without pull-ups) but when I have tried them for our bed-wetter at night, they seem to do about as much good as a swim diaper (I use them on our kids that are trained, but have occasional accidents).   Plus, when I night-train our kids, I just put their diapers on a little looser than I would in the daytime, giving them the ability to pull it up and down themselves, similar to a pull-up, but with the protection of a regular diaper.

I’ve never tried cloth diapers, so I can’t really say much about cloth diapers, one way or another.

ps- You could always try to gently change them at night, but my kids wake up very easily, so this was never an option for us.

I hope that was helpful!  If you have any ideas, I’d love to hear them!

If you are thinking about potty training, you are welcome to download these printable potty training sheets for free:



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