diy cupcake tower instructions

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

When we were pregnant with our fourth baby, my Mom threw me the most beautiful baby shower!  She always hosts our family’s showers & parties at her neighborhood clubhouse~ it sits right on the lake, so it is already a beautiful place to begin with.

My mom is so wonderful with party planning, never missing a detail.   For my baby shower for our daughter, she asked my Dad to make a cupcake tower.  He made this cupcake tower (pictured below) and my Mom decorated it with toile and flower cupcake-liners.  It was so beautiful!

Follow the diy cupcake tower instructions below and make your won.  You can use it for cupcakes, appetizers, cookies, whatever you want… and change the decor it to fit your theme!

Now, we use it for every party and we change the theme to match.

Notice how the cupcake tower is plain, but the decorations make it so beautiful!  That is the beauty of the cupcake tower… you can make it whatever you want it to be!

For our son’s parties, have replaced the toile with ‘spider webs’ (fake spider web from craft store) for a scooby-doo party.  We’ve replaced it with red & orange crape paper to make ‘flames’ for a car party.  You name it and it can be done.  You can even use it for these adorable Dr. Suess cupcakes! 

It is versatile & it really holds up!

Materials to make your cupcake tower:

2 Dial Rods  (one thin one to use as your long dial rod & one thick one to make those tiny wooden circles)Three larger (plate-sized) wooden circles and one small wooden circle (for the very top) to hold your cupcakes (you can cut these out with a jig saw  – us a plate, trace it and cut it out.)  You could use a compass, too.The white circles are cardboard liners like you would put under a cake.  You can buy these at Walmart.

You want to make those TINY wooden circles (see one in the picture above).    You will need FOUR of these.  TO make these, you take a thick dial rod and drill a hold through the middle.  The hole has to be large enough that your thinner dial rod can fit through it.  You will cut it to about 1/2 inch- 1 inch thick.

You are going to make the wooden circles, tracing a plate or using a compass.  You can make them the same size or different sizes (as we did).  Lay a piece of white ‘cake-paper’ over it (I’m not sure what this is really called, but they sell it at most stores).  You can cut this white paper (it feels like cardboard) to fit the larger wooden circles.   Make them just a bit bigger than the wooden circles to hide the wood.

Place one of the tiny wooden circles at the bottom, one in the middle and one toward the top.

First- do the bottom one.   Lay the tiny circle down first, then lay your larger wooden circle over it and then your white cake-paper.

Next, nail your second tiny wooden circle in the middle (you can pre-drill the holes).   This will hold up your cupcakes.   Lay the larger wooden circle and white paper on it.

Do another one 3/4 of the way up.
do this again, at the very top  to put a little cake on the top, like we did.   

There you have it- your own cupcake tower and it was easy to make!
(the picture below doesn’t have the top one, but you can see the holes where we can put it). 

I hope that you use your cupcake tower as often as we use ours!

ps- Here is an easy DIY sand & water table or try this DIY murphy bed  or my favorite healthy chocolate chip cookies! 

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