DIY frozen hat

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

Our daughter loves Frozen!  This DIY Frozen Hat took about 5 minutes and made this little girl smile!

I wanted to make her a hat that she would love to wear this winter and this has certainly been it!  She wore it for about three hours straight.

Yarn, scissors, hot glue gun & glue, hat (more on each of these below)

1. Just get some yarn (I made an Anna hat and an Elsa hat, so I had yellow yarn and brown yarn.

Start making the strips of yarn.  It was very tedious to cut each one to the same length, so I ended up just making giant loops & then I would cut them afterwards, like this:

Braid the hair (I used these tiny rubber bands to secure the ends) and cut off the uneven bottom:

HAT:  They no longer make this hat (it was one that we had), but I found four hats that I think would work well & they are ALL adorable!  You can click on each link below to see the hats that would work…  (they are ALL fleece lined, so they will be perfect)
Hat # 1
Hat #2
Hat #3
Hat #4

Now cut a small slit into the first layer of the hat…  (repeat on the other side, as well)

You will have a small hole like this:

Test the braid & make sure that it fits inside of the hat:

If it works… go and get your hot glue gun ready.
Next you want to put glue on the braid, on the part that will go inside of the hat.

Insert the braid back into the hat and hold secure until the glue dries.
Repeat with the second braid

That’s it.

It stays soft because it is covered by the outer layer.

She loved wearing it!    Here was her face when I asked her to take it off…

She put it on every day!

PS- here is the Anna Dress Up outfit if you wanted to pair them together…

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