DIY reward jar

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

If you saw my post on the easiest reward system  that we use in our house (you should check it out!), you know that we use a cotton ball system for our rewards.  It is really more to teach our children how to do nice things for others and treat others with respect and kindness, even when it is not asked of them.

It is really easy and VERY effective!
Anyways, I was tired of the kids have mis-matched jars, so this weekend we changed them around a bit.  I even planned ahead a bit and made one for our daughter (she is only a toddler, so she won’t be using this for another year or so).

Here is how I made it… total time: 10-15 minutes. 
Difficulty Level: Easy

I made lasagna, which means that I used a lot of sauce (my husband likes to use extra sauce for lasagna), so I had enough jars for each of our children.

So- I took our four jars of sauce and emptied the sauce into the pot.   I then took the empty jars and cleaned them out, removing all residue from the sauce.

Once the jars are emptied and rinsed out as best as you can, you are left with this: 

To get the sticky labels off of the jars, I peeled off as much of the label as I could.  This is the result of that step:

I then filled up the sink with water and let them soak for about ten minutes.

After it soaked, the remaining glue was easy to scrape off.  I took the back of this cleaning scrubber and scraped it off.

The remaining residue wiped off with a wet washcloth.

I let them dry (I soon ran out of patience, so I dried them with another towel)

Then I took these sticker letters (I bought these at Wal-mart, over a year ago, for around $4 in the school supply section, near the poster board, and I have used them so much and I feel like the letters just don’t seem to run out.)  

Anyways- instead of spelling out their names, I just did one big letter for each jar.   I didn’t have to use anything to make the letters stick, because the letters are adhesive in themselves.

That was it.  It was very easy to do and the jars match and look so much better!

These would be great to use for this Potato soup in a jar  or to use as a teacher appreciation gift (filled with candy or school supplies)

Do you have an easy reward system that you use at your house?

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