DIY Easter Baskets Fillers (that don’t come from a store)

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Are you looking for Easter Basket Fillers for Easter this year?   While we have a great list of unique Easter Basket Stuffers, today’s post is all about DIY Easter gifts!

Are you looking for some DIY Easter Basket ideas that don’t involve running to the store or ordering gifts online?

You can make some amazing gifts at home that your family will love.  It’s a great year to be intentional about what Easter Basket Stuffers our kids are going to receive.

Have fun creating gifts that will put a smile on your child’s face on Easter morning, while giving them activities to keep them entertained for days!

DIY Easter Baskets Fillers…  that don’t come from a store.

Remember that the best gifts are actually non-toy gifts!   Experiences matter so much more than toys.  They create memories and that’s what a child truly needs… time with the people who love them.

Whether you are putting together adult Easter Baskets or if you need Easter Basket Ideas for boys or girls – these ideas will work.

Easter Basket Gift Ideas

One-On-One Time Printable Cards for 40 days of one-on-one time with YOU!A bible with fun markers, pens, and these decorative Bible tabs. They can take notes, doodle, or write reminders as they read.A NEW Creation Crate STEM Subscription Box that will come every month!A recipe card & the ingredients to make homemade cookiesA monthly subscription to Kiwi Crate  (fun projects that come in the mail). Your kids get to open a new gift every month.Printable coloring sheets,  crayons, and a crayon holder. 

Homemade Games or printable packs of kid-friendly Scavenger Hunts (you can even print an Easter Scavenger Hunt!) 
Coupon for “Pick What We Eat For Dinner Tonight”Homemade Jewelry (or the materials to make it together – even use YOUR old jewelry to make new things)DIY craft sets (little bags with all the supplies to make a craft like DIY Playdough or fluffy slime)Coupon books for fun activitiesPaper Flowers on Pens  (you can use a pom-pom instead of  a flower for another fun idea)Coupon for a “No Chores Day”The materials needed to dye Easter Eggs togetherCoupon to stay up late one nightMake your own Easter Candies DIY Flashcards for any subject that your child is learningA coupon for extra screentime with YOU... play that Xbox game, download that app… just get involved.A coupon to rent a movie at home with Amazon Prime. Recipe kits – in jars (like for chocolate peppermint cookies)Salt Dough Kit: Directions & Ingredients to make homemade salt dough ornamentsGive them a basket full of things to play Easter Minute-To-Win-ItRecycled Crayons made into new crayons – Melt crayons to make new crayons in fun shapes using foil.

If you have time to make gifts, check out these DIY Easter Basket Fillers!

I found some of the most adorable homemade kid gifts and put them in one place for you!

There are ideas for kids from slime-filled mason jars that look like bunnies to an adorable bunny basket that holds their pens and pencils.  You’ll find homemade dollhouse furniture, dish-towel aprons, hot-glue projects, fresh flowers with a gift idea, and even a few Easter gifts for adults.   I hope that you find some great Easter Basket ideas!

Homemade Easter Baskets Fillers (that don’t come from a store)

When you can’t make it to the store, but you still want to give your children a fun gift to open, these are perfect. I actually love them more than a store-bought gift, because they were made.

Every homemade gift is a gift to be cherished because it took thought, planning, time, and effort to make it. What a great way to show someone that you love them!

Check out these 50+ Easter Basket Stuffers – they are all so fun & unique! 

If you are looking for Easter Basket Stuffers & you still have a couple of days before Easter, these ideas are awesome!

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DIY Invention Box 

This is my favorite idea ever! Find stuff around the house – anything & everything that you aren’t using… put it all into a box & give it to your kids as their new “INVENTION BOX”

This has kept our kids busy for hours on end. Every few months, I refill it. 🙂

Plus – if they find a button, a clothespin, whatever it may be… they put it into this box.

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Fluffy Slime Recipe & Ingredients 

Gift them the ingredients (that you probably already have at home) to make slime! You can even use a bowl for the Easter Basket!

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Stained Glass Sidewalk Chalk Art Kit

If you can find some sidewalk chalk sitting around your house or in your garage, pair it with some painters tape & give it to your kids with a cool design that you drew on a sheet of paper. Tell them that you are going to make Stained-Glass Sidewalk Chalk Art together.

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DIY Bath Crayons

These bath crayons are so cute! If you don’t have glycerin soap, you can make these Ivory Soap Bath Crayons. .


Printable Easter Finger Puzzle with Bible Verses 

This gift gives kids a reminder of the reason for the season in a fun new way.

DIY Family Mail Box for inside! 

Give your kids their own mailbox! Let them decide where to hang it, but have it stuffed with fun letters that they can open when they find their basket.

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DIY Playing Card Holder for Kids

All it takes is a couple of plastic lids (from a container that was for icing, cream cheese, sour cream, yogurt, etc…) and a few other things that you already have at home. Give this to your kids with their favorite card game (that you already have at home) and invite them to start playing!


DIY Rainbow Unicorn Bow Holder

If you have yarn at home, this one is for you. It’s adorable and practical!


DIY Rubber Band Racer

This DIY Rubber Band Racer is one of our favorite kid-friendly activities to do as a family.  Our kids really like to make DIY toys and the best part…you can make it with items found around the home.  There’s nothing like seeing the smiles on your kid’s faces as they make homemade toys. 


DIY Hair Salon Kit for Kids

You probably already have so many of these things lying around your house – gather them together to make a DIY Hair Salon kit for your kids!


DIY Mini Foosball Table…perfect for kids! – U Create

This is so much fun! The kids are going to love it.


Make Dollhouse Furniture

You can find just about anything here, from a couch made out of an Egg Carton to a Coffee Table out of a Yogurt Container… even a dollhouse toilet made from a spice container!


Child’s Tool Belt

How about making it easier on the little guys and putting all of their tools into a tool belt…. Perfectly sized for them.


DIY Milk & Cookies Playset

DIY Wooden Cookies & Milk set! SO much easier than I would have assumed… and adorable!


DIY Paper Dolls With Downloadable Patterns

Create a paper doll kit: Put the materials into their basket for a fun surprise! They can have these paper dolls to play with any time. To create the kit, print out a bunch of doll templates, cut out the fabric clothing and gather together buttons, ribbons and glue sticks.


Baby Doll Diapers, Wipes & Wipe-Container

These DIY Doll Diapers & Wipes are adorable! Photo

DIY Dish Towel Aprons for Kids

Turn a dishtowel into an apron for your kids! Adorable!


Easter Craft for Kids: Bunny Pencil Holder

This is not only cute, but it’s practical!


Portable LEGO Tray 

This will keep your kids interested & playing with LEGO for hours!


DIY I Spy Activity Bag

Give them the game of I SPY with this DIY Activity game in a bag!

DIY crayon block holder

If your kids love arts & crafts, this crayon holder is adorable! All you need is a block of wood & you can get started!

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Picture Puzzle Photo Blocks

Give your kids a great gift with this wooden-block puzzle that is a picture of them!


Make a Wood Puzzle Cube

The best puzzle cube in history is clearly the Rubik’s Cube. But I don’t think it’s a stretch to say this is a close second. This puzzle takes about an hour to build, and it’s way easier to build than it is to solve!

DIY cardboard box cars and movie night

If you have any cardboard boxes taking up space in the garage or waiting to go out to the trash… use them!

Give your kids a “COUPON” for a movie night… and then tell them to go into the other room to find something they’ll need for the movie. When they go into the other room, have these DIY cardboard box cars ready for them!

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Homemade (Washable) Sidewalk Paint

Make sidewalk paint with these household items & put them into cute jars for your kids! They make a great Easter Basket Filler because you can go outside & paint together!


Animal ear headbands

This is adorable! What more can I say?!


 DIY Drums

Use cans and turn them into adorable drums!


DIY Felt Stick Horses


Washcloth Bunny Craft

If you have a washcloth & ribbon you can make this adorable washcloth bunny! Be creative! If you can’t find googly eyes, make felt eyes or draw them on your bunny’s face.


Bunny Slime

Turn slime into an adorable Easter Bunny with just a few things that you may have in the kitchen!

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