Thinking out of the ‘basket’: Easter Basket that is not a Basket

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This post contains affiliate links.

I love to give our kids Easter baskets that aren’t baskets.  (You see, we leave the “basket” and the Easter Bunny fills it for us…  we can even see the Easter Bunny tracks in our house!)

When my brother and I were younger, my Mom and Dad would sometimes have our “Baskets” be something other than ‘baskets’ and we have done that with our own kids.
(Here I am with my mom… and my doll.) 

It is fun & much more practical and our kids love it!   (Think about it – if their Easter gifts come in a suitcase… they can use it over and over.  The “basket” becomes the gift, too!)

Below is a great list for you! 

1- Back packs (book-bags).

Last year, each of our kids got a new backpack for Easter.  It was filled with all of the Easter goodies, plus, now they had a new backpack for school.  (And on sale, since the “rush” of buying back-packs is over and you can get some GREAT deals this time of year!)

2- Luggage/tote.  

Use suitcases or “travel bags” for Easter Baskets

3- Lunch Box:

 A fun new lunch box or thermal tote or bag filled with Easter goodies would make a great basket!

4- Lego Storage box or Car storage box:

Fill one of these with some new Legos and candy or matchbox cars & Easter goodies!

5- Purse:
What could be more fun that a great new “dress-up” purse (for a little girl) or a great REAL purse/pocketbook for a teen?  Fill it with make-up, nail polish, necklaces…

5- Mixing bowls

(For the “chef”) in your family filled with an apron, chef hat and fun things for the kitchen (or pretend kitchen!)

6. Bat bag or any sport bag

Fill this with sports things! I know our sons would love this!

Think out of the box… I mean Basket!  Make an Easter Basket that is not a Basket. Get creative!  Let the “basket” be something that they can use– let it be part of the gift!
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