Easy meatless meals (chinese) – made in under 5 minutes

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Easy meatless meals

So for Ash Wednesday, we had a very easy meatless meal: General Tso’s mixed vegetables (home made… sort of!)

This is my “go to” meal when we want to eat out, but don’t want to go out.

I call my husband at work & ask him to pick up some of our favorite sauce (General Tso’s sauce) at ANY Chinese restaurant. He just calls & orders “Two orders of General Tso’s sauce – just the sauce, for pick-up” ($1.75 for 2 servings of the sauce). We get two orders because I like to make a lot for dinner and have enough left over for lunch for my husband to take to work on the following day.

I make brown rice (usually about 4 servings) – I get the boil in the bag, because it makes it so much easier.

Take frozen stir-fry vegetables and heat them up in the skillet with the sauce. (I bought a HUGE bag at Aldi for $3.75) You could add tofu, too.

Put the rice on a plate & pour your vegetables over it. That’s it!

Easy, meatless meal that taste like we ordered out. 🙂

– Add chicken for a regular meal during the week. (Slice it very thin into slivers if you add chicken)

(The kids like the taste of this, too!) I add fish sticks with their dinner on meatless nights (Fridays during Lent).


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