Favorite Movie House: Father of the Bride house

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This is my all-time favorite movie house, as I am sure that it is many of yours, too.  I love this house!  It is so welcoming.   Even the song that they play in the movie when they introduce the home is great!

Image Source: Between naps on the porch

I love how this house has a gate on the driveway!  I have been trying to talk my husband into doing this at our house for about two years (putting a gate at the back of the driveway so that the kids can play at the top, like in this driveway).

I love the living room and how the couches face each other and are close to one other instead of being against the wall.   I do notice that they don’t have a TV in the room, but if they did, I”m sure it would be above the fire place.  I love the built ins and all of the white in the rooms.  I actually have these couches in our family room and I love them!

 Image source: Hooked on Houses
Here is the other side of this room.  (You can’t see the light blue grandfather clock on the other wall, but its beautiful, too!)

The kitchen is great, too (a little cluttered for my tastes, but still a nice kitchen).  I like the white cabinets!

Image: house beautiful

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What is your favorite movie house?

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