DIY Fingerprint tie for Fatherā€™s Day

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I was looking at some of my old Fatherā€™s Day crafts on the blog & came across this one that our youngest son made when he was in preschool. Ā It was so sweet, so I wanted to share it again today. Ā  It is a two-sided DIY fingerprint tie craft for Fatherā€™s Day ā€“ and Dad can wear it! šŸ˜‰

MATERIALS (affiliate links):

2 sheets cardstock paper (white)Washable Paint Ā  (This is only if you want to use paint to make real ā€œfingerprintsā€. Ā If not, you could use markers to make dots, or use those dottersĀ that they sell at the store to make dots).Ā Marker (to write on the back)Picture of your child (or your child with his/her Dad)Glue Ā (to glue the two ties together)Yarn (to hold it onto Dadā€™s neck)Non-heat laminating sheets. (You can buy these at Wal-mart. Ā I used the AVERY brand.)


PUT THE TWO SHEETS OF CARDSTOCK OUT- ONE ON TOP OF THE OTHER.CUT OUT A TIE SHAPE (YOU WILL end up with 2 ties)On the ONE tie, you will use the marker to write ā€œI LOVE YOU, DADā€ and glue the picture onto the bottom.On the SECOND tie, you will make fingerprints with the different colors of (washable) paint. IMPORTANT: You will be having both decorated ties facing out, so be sure that they line up properly!!After they dry, glue them together, with the decorated side facing out.After that dries, cover it with the laminate paper.Cut holes (or use a hole-punch) into the top corners and thread a piece of yarn through it, to tie it onto Dadā€™s neck.Here are pictures to guide youā€¦



Ā Here is side two:Ā 

Here is how you will tie the yarn through the holes.Ā 



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