10 FUNNY Christmas ideas you’ll love!

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

These funny Christmas ideas are hilarious and I knew that you would love them.

This first one is from a high school friend of mine, Jim D.  I  saw it on his Facebook page (he did this to his mother in law’s house) and could not stop laughing (I can see my husband doing this to my mom’s house!) I asked him if I could share it on here & he said Yes.  So here you go…

Santa: He sees you when you’re sleeping.

Ok- now onto a few other ideas:

2- This one is going to be seen in our house not to long from now.   We actually use hot glue to hold our gingerbread houses together, but at some point, I’m sure it will get broken and when it does, we will blame it on the dinosaur:

3.  This Christmas Tree prank done at this school is so funny!

4.  I had to take a double-look at this one…  (to realize that this was a pretend person)

5.  The “Ditto” house.

6. Our kids would love this snowman that is standing on his head!

7.  This Christmas card is really cute!  I just bought our sons t-shirts that said “My brother did it”, so when I saw this card idea, I thought “perfect!”

8.  Another creative Christmas card idea done with chalk!

9.  These Santa Hand-Towels are really cute!

10- Last but not least, is this J-O-Y picture, because I can relate!

Bonus #11:  We are not Star Wars Fans, but this one is creative!  “I find your lack of holiday spirit disturbing”

ANOTHER BONUS #12- This one is our children’s favorite house in our neighborhood:



elf forgot to move… 

I’m going to bed…


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