Healthy Greek Yogurt Popsicles

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I had to share these Healthy Greek Yogurt Popsicles (with fruit!)  with you because they are seriously the easiest EVER way to sneak healthy foods into your kids!

So, when I have time, I like to make these frozen pops.

I love fruit for the many health benefits (& if you use greek yogurt, you are adding a lot of protein). Combine these and you have a very healthy treat for your kids.

Take Skim milk (you could use any kind here: almond, soy, skim…).  I use about a cup- more if you want it smoother, less if you want it thicker.
Add Berries (fresh & frozen)  Using frozen berries eliminates the need for ice cubes.
Add about 1 cup of Greek Yogurt ‚Äď I like vanilla.

I don‚Äôt ever follow just one recipe with this‚Äď I sort of throw in whatever fruit I have at home.

So… I would take about 1 cup of greek vanilla yogurt, about 1/2 cup of skim milk, add a bunch of strawberries (maybe 10-12, washed, with the leaves off, of course), a handful of frozen fruit.  I like to add a handful of peaches and another handful of mixed berries.   Throw everything into the blender & blend until smooth.

I freeze them for several hours (3-4) in a popsicle mold.
We drink the leftovers (it is a great smoothie!).  Add a little milk if its too hard to drink.

I plan on adding a variety of fruits to it during the summertime, too:  Oranges, Banana, pineapple, raspberries, watermelon (I would not add the milk when I add watermelon because it will be juicy enough), cantaloupe…  anything!

You could even add a little spinach, because I don’t think that you would even be able to taste it.


The older kids (7 & 5) ask for our smoothie popsicles  as soon as they get home from school and after dinner.  They treat it like ice cream- a special treat!   Our little ones (3 & 1) eat them after lunch and love them! They all ask for them after dinner, too!

I like to give them to the kids in the summer time because they are full of nutrition, which they need when they are out running around, playing sports and having fun!

Try this recipe, too: 



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