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Are you worried that your kids will ‘lose what they learned’ over the summer?
I plan on doing “homework” with our kids, all summer long.  It is so important!   Here are some tips from a guest poster, Amy- Mom of two children!

5 Tips to Keep Your Child Interested in Doing School Work, by guest poster, Amy Lawson 

It is a dream to every parent to see their kids perform well in their school activities. But it is not always the case with kids. Most kids, at a tender age, like to play, making it hard to make time to do their school home work. This will leave most parents wondering how to get their kids to do their homework. For some parents, encouraging their kids to do homework will work, while others will go to an extent of enticing them with rewards. This article will discuss 5 tips to keep your child interested in doing school work.
1- Schedule time for your child
Time scheduling is one of the most effective ways of engaging your child in constructive activities. Make sure you engage your child when making daily schedule or time table, so that he can ‘own’ the idea. In the timetable, schedule time to do homework, and make sure it is within the early morning hours. Morning hours are appropriate, since your child is fresh. In between have some breaks, and then let your kids play in the afternoons. Time scheduling will help your child to be a good time manager, and he will also be able to finish his homework in time. Make sure that you help your child to remember to follow their schedule, by working with them.
Organize homework parties
Make their summer work interesting. This is possible by organizing ‘homework parties’, and inviting other kids, including friends and neighbors, to join in. Make sure to supervise them, to make sure the kids are doing what you had planned on.  Reading, doing puzzles, working on math sheets.  Plan some fun activities! Homework parties are effective, since kids challenge each other and in the process they finish their homework. You can include snacks and drinks when the party breaks. This will refresh the kids, making learning enjoyable and fun.
Be interested in your kid’s homework
You should show interest in your kid’s homework, by checking it before he begins and offer your help with difficult parts. Avoid the temptation of doing the assignment for your child, you should only show him the way. When you show your interest on your kid’s assignment, they will feel the importance of the assignment, and they will be obliged to finish.
Praise and reward
Praising is one way to motivate your child to do assignments. Let them know they are progressing positively, and tell them when they do well in their assignments. Avoid harsh words or discouraging comments when your child fails to meet the expectation of their work. Instead, you should correct them positively, in a way they will understand. Reward them when they do well, with praise, and avoid making it a routine.
Quiz your kid on their homework
Make random quizzes from the homework. Make it fun either by using fun flash cards, or awarding a piece of candy when they get it right.


I hope that you found that helpful from guest poster Amy.  Here is a little bit about Amy…
Author Bio: Amy Lawson is a content writer. She is a parent of two kids. Her interests are Films, Travel & Technology and Eco Living. She is a professional blogger from London and has written many articles on Entertainment, Finance and Health categories. Now she is doing research on hmrc tax credits contact etc.

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