If your child suffers a burn…

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Today, I invited Britni to share a story with us.  It is a story that no mother wants to hear – their child has gotten an accidental burn.   We have had a few close calls in the past ten years (too close to a fire pit or pulling a chair up to the stove while I was boiling water), but thankfully we have avoided burning accidents.

“It was early evening when my 2-year old son burned his hand. It was a complete accident but he touched the hot stove. His body went into shock, and so did his parents. It was absolutely terrifying!

In the heat of the moment {pun intended} my husband and I couldn’t agree on what to do. We knew that it hurt our son to run his hand under cool water but my husband felt that was the best “first-response” treatment. My son’s entire body shook for what felt like forever! To say the least, it was a very traumatic moment in our home; for both ends.

The burn covered his entire palm. We ended up going to the doctor the next morning. When the doctor looked at it he told us my son had a second-degree burn.

He also said that my son would always have a scar on his hand and if we didn’t treat it correctly, he could lose feeling in his hand completely.

We did everything the doctor told us, but for the first few days we couldn’t see any improvement. In fact, the blister seemed to get worse and spread farther.

Luckily we ran into a friend a few days later who told us about some natural routes that she believed would help. I’ll be honest I was very skeptical, but out of fear my son would lose feeling in his hand I decided to give it a shot.  I spent a lot of time researching ideas and found some great natural healing tips that worked.



More tips to remember about burns:

1- All burns should be treated quickly to reduce the temperature of the burned area and reduce damage to the skin and underlying tissue (if the burn is severe).  Apply cool water over the area for at least 3-5 minutes.

2- For any burn that appears to cover more than 10% of the body, call for medical assistance. And don’t use wet compresses or ice because they can cause the child’s body temperature to drop. Instead, cover the area with a clean, soft cloth or towel.

3- Call the doctor if the burn is on their hand, face or scalp.

4- Do not apply butter, grease, powder, or any other remedies to the burn, as these can make the burn deeper and increase the risk of infection.

5- As with everything, seek a doctor’s advice immediately following a burn.

(thanks to KidsHealth.org for these tips)


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