I’m going to bed … Do you get sidetracked?

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

Is this what your house looks like?  In our house, you could come in and find this….


So, you can imagine that he is pretty tired, and when I finally announce that I’m going up to bed, and my husband says “Ok, me, too.”, it means two completely different things.

 I begin slowly making my way upstairs… cleaning up from today & getting ready for tomorrow.  I am picking up the baby toys that were left out, grabbing the clothes that are in the basket on the steps to go upstairs, putting away any shoes that were left near the front door.  Our kids are actually pretty good about cleaning up their toys, because I have learned to STOP DOING THAT, but I still find a few things lying around at the end of the day.

In his mind, “I’m going to bed” means… I’M GOING TO BED.

OH!  and the same thing goes when we go to lay our heads down- he is asleep in about 2 minutes flat, while I am just laying there, thinking, for the next hour.  Sometimes I will notice that he has LITERALLY fallen asleep while I am talking to him in bed!  I mean, I will be in the middle of a conversation and say “Mic?”…

No response…

“Mic?  Are you already asleep?”

“Mic?  Seriously? Are you kidding right now?  How on earth could you have fallen asleep in the four seconds that we have been upstairs?”  (I guess the same way that he would have fallen asleep downstairs while we were watching a REALLY GOOD movie or show!)

So tell me… what does it look like in your house? 

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