How to keep hair bows from slipping out of hair

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

I love hair bows.  I like to buy them & make them, but I needed to know how to keep hair bows from slipping out of our daughter’s hair and no one could tell me how to keep them in.  (ps- Here is how I organize hair bows.  We have a lot!)

So, when I first put one in, it slipped out right away (that baby fine hair wasn’t holding it in place).   I tried a few times & just gave up… until my cousin told me this tip!

She has a baby girl (my God-daughter) the same as as our baby girl, so she and I can share baby tips anytime and our girls are already sharing toys.  They are so cute together!
Here they were on Thanksgiving:

My cousin told me to take one of our kid’s  tiny rubber bands (the ones that our boys use to make the Rainbow Loom bracelets) and to wrap it around the clip part of the hair bow barrette.

Here are the steps:

First you take your bow.If it has the insert in the middle, remove that partWrap that little insert part with the rubber bandPut it back on.That’s it.  It grips their hair so much better than without the rubber band. (You can use a full size rubber band for this, too).

If you have the smaller bow that just opens & shuts on the hair, it is still the same concept.

Here is a picture of the front & back of the another bow…

I hope this tip helps you!  If you have any tips, leave them for me and I will certainly try them!


~Becky Mansfield 🙂


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