15 things that you should know about hardwood floors

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

Today I am sharing 15 things that you should know about hardwood floors. Click on the pictures to see the post.

1- The best way to clean hardwood floors

2. Painting the underlayment to look like hardwood floors:

3. How to remove nail polish from your hardwood floors:

4. Refinishing 100 year old hardwoods:

5. How to lay hardwood floors:

6. Making a table from hardwood floors:

7.  Have your hardwood floors refinished:

8.  DIY hardwood floor cleaner:

 9.  Which flooring option is best for you?

10. Adding hardwoods in the kitchen: before & after

11. Making your own wet wipes for the floor:

12. Painting wood floors:

13.  White-washed porch wooden floors:

14. From carpeting to wooden steps:

15. What you should NEVER do to wooden floors!

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