Hanging Mason Jar organizer (mason jar hack!)

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

This is a sponsored post by Green Works and I am so excited about it!

I love a good mason jar hack and this one was done before I even knew what “hacks” were!
When I was little, we used to visit my grandparents on Hilton Head Island.  It was my favorite place to be.  My grandma, mom, brother and I would go biking or go to the beach- just exploring the island.  While we were out, my grandpap and my dad would be busy working in my grandpap’s garage.   He was so organized and creative!   This hanging mason jar organizer was just one of his little ‘hacks’ that made life easier!

You can hang your mason jars anywhere that works – your office for paper clips, rubber bands, etc…   or your garage for nails, screws, bolts (this is what my husband does) or even your pantry for things like chip clips.

So here is how I decided to upcycle our mason jars:
1- Clean the mason jars.  I used the Green Works wipes because they are always right there on my pantry shelf (they are so easy to grab when I need a cleaning wipe)

Next I filled up my jars with things for the garage.

Next we measured where we wanted the lids to go (spaced out evenly):
We pre-drilled a hole in the wood, drilled a tiny hole in the lid (just to know where the center was) and then drilled the lid into the wood.

We drilled all of our mason jar lids into place:

And then we were able to just screw on the mason jars themselves.   They screw on & off pretty easily, depending on what you have inside of the jar.

When all of the jars were screwed on, we were able to take the piece of wood out to the garage and turn it into a floating shelf:

My husband even used it to store other things on top:

Overall, it is an easy upcycling idea.   Take something that you have lying around the house and repurpose it to something useful!

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