5 ways to have a better & quicker morning routine

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1) Get their clothes ready before bedā€¦ yes, really.
I do this for myself and for the kids.Ā It saves so much timeā€¦ especially for our youngest son, Ethan. Ā If we did not pick out an outfit the night before, it can make for a rough morning. Ā There were many instances where he would put on shorts in the winter time and we had a long morning-struggle to get him to change. Ā Once we startedĀ picking out an outfit out the night before, it made the mornings less complicated.

2) Have breakfast ready the night before.Ā 
With the same concept of laying out clothes the night before. Ā With having 4 kids, they all have different things they like to eat in the morning. Ā  I have bowls and spoons on the table in the morning, with their favorite box of cereal.Ā 

Ā 3- Pack Lunches the night before. Ā  It is SUCH a big timesaver!

4- Have Toothbrushes ready to go. Ā We get the toothbrush basket out at night before we go to bed. Ā  Once they are in the habit of going in there without being reminded, we give them the job of getting the basket out.

5) Have the car ready and backpacks by the doorā€“ Once again, this is one less strain off the kids and you in the morning. Ā Our three older boys, Jack,Ā Beau and Ethan, ride the school bus. Ā They are really good about emptying their backpacks the night before, giving us any important paperwork, and making sure that their bags are ready at night before they go to bed.

After breakfast, they take their cereal bowl to the sink and they just grab their lunches from the refrigerator and put them in their bags to set by the door. Ā This way there are ready to just ā€œgrab and goā€ out the door. Ā It is THEIR responsibility to be sure that they have their homework, lunch, and backpack when they leave for school.


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