​My favorite way to keep the house clean

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🏡 Click HERE to Join us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

I have a favorite way to keep the house clean.  My mom taught me this and it works…  really.


Before you leave a room, clean up.   Don’t leave a room unless you can back out of it.  This means that you are seeing what needs to be done before you leave the room.

Today, I want you to do this.

Right now, go to your bedroom and start there.

Start in one corner of the room and clean it.  Next move down one wall, cleaning everything in the way.  Do not leave that wall (don’t get distracted when you put away shoes and start on the closet… go back to that wall) until it is completely clean.

Do this all around your room.

Next, sweet your room (the entire room- corners, under things, etc…)

I grab my Shark DuoClean™ Powered Lift–Away Speed™  and get started. I sweep the floors, move onto under the furniture & then I do the ceiling and corners.  This sweeper has Anti-Allergen Complete Seal Technology® that exceeds HEPA filtration standards*** and DuoClean™ Dual Brush Roll Technology to pick up fine dust and large debris on both floors and carpets.   We got it because it is Shark’s most advanced upright vacuum ever, so it works well in our house (we have carpet & hardwoods).

It may take a little while when you are first starting, but for the rest of the week, you will only have to keep up with it.  You will only have to back out of the room, cleaning up what you see quickly.  This will stop it from getting out of control.

Note: I was given the Shark DuoClean™ Powered Lift-Away Speed™, but I reached out to them for it, because I knew how well it worked (friends had told me) .

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