My favorite new way to clean mirrors!

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

I had to share this new way to clean mirrors with you because it has been such  game-changer for me.     It works better than any other way I’ve ever tried.

So I was lucky to be given a new product to try out – it was the new Bounty Paper Towels with Dawn (Bounty paper towels with Dawn dish soap built right in).  I wrote about them a while back and as you’ll see from that Room-by-Room detailed cleaning guide, I was using them for just about everything.  Well, one day I tried the in the bathroom on the vanity (yes, they cleaned up the toothpaste on the vanity in our kid’s bathroom- so it was already on my good-side).

We have a squeegee, so I gave it a go.  I wet the Paper towel to start the dish soap going (when you wet it, the dish soap will be released) and then I just scrubbed the mirrors in the bathroom.   As soon as I finished it, before it had time to dry, I took our squeegee and wiped them off.   I did the whole mirror and you would not BELIEVE how clean they were!  I called my husband at work right away to tell him that I had a “breakthrough in cleaning”  (Yes, I really did this … and yes, he probably rolled his eyes that I called him at work to tell him about it).

I then went on to clean every mirror in the house this way.  haha!

Moral of the story: Use the Bounty paper towels with dawn for MORE than just your dirty dishes!  I now keep a roll in every bathroom for quick cleanups of toothpaste on the vanity and on the mirrors.
Bounty has been there through it all, haven’t they?!  See the Bounty 50th_Timeline.

Oh- and check out this great video because right now Bounty is celebrating 50 years of helping us have cleaner homes.

This post was sponsored by Bounty.

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