Pepperoni and Eggs

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

I grew up loving to eat this: Pepperoni and Eggs (I am pretty sure its Italian, because my husband had never heard of it until he met my family!)

It has now become a favorite in our house. All of our kids love it! It is easy to make, takes about three minutes & the kids are getting a lot of protein to hold them over until lunch (although they request this for lunch many days, too!)

To start:

-Chop up pepperoni (My mom buys really long sticks of pepperoni at BJ’s for our kids- they love it!) You could also use the pepperoni slices.

Cook the pepperoni for a minute on the skillet until the grease starts to drain out of it. (Cook on medium – high will burn it. You could do low, but I am not patient enough for that)

In the meantime: Mix up your scrambled eggs in a separate bowl. I add a splash of milk to our eggs (like 1 T. per egg, I’d say)

After the pepperoni has cooked ALONE for a few minutes (about 1-2), add the eggs. DO NOT ADD THE EGGS UNTIL YOU STARTED THE PEPPERONI- THIS IS WHERE THE FLAVOR COMES FROM! 🙂

Cook the eggs & pepperoni together
for a few minutes, until the eggs are done. Just scramble/cook them as usual.

That’s it- easy, tasty, filling breakfast. Pair this with some fruit & a slice of toast and you are ready to get started on your day!
Enjoy your Pepperoni and Eggs!

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