10 gifts for a preschool teacher

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I love buying gifts for a preschool teacher or our older kid’s teachers, because they love everything that you give them (they are always so sweet and appreciative!).    Fun and practical, these 10 gifts for a preschool teacher will be a hit, no matter which teacher gift you pick!

10 gifts for a preschool teacher:

Fun gifts:

1- You can make this awesome Ombre Crayon Letter – we did this for our son’s preschool teacher last year and she loved it! Its so easy, just be sure to draw out your letter before you start, for an easy guide.
2- These jumbo clothespins are the perfect way to display a picture or hold an important reminder notice.

3- I love this crayon wreath!  You could keep it simple, without the name, but adding the letter-stickers makes it so much more personal!

4- The idea of putting a gift card into a jar of candy is so cute and creative, yet super simple!

5- A bag is the perfect teacher gift idea!  I would use one of these and fill it with fun little teacher treats (new gloves, a bookmark and $5 gift card to a bookstore, a little ornament…)

 Practical Gifts:

6-  Adorable Pillow that says DO WHAT YOU LOVE.  It’s from JCPenney Home.  Could it any more perfect for a teacher?
7- A painted mason jar, disguised as an apple, is adorable when it is filled with pencils for the class!

8- Wall Pops Apple Whiteboard Wall Decal – the apple whiteboard creates a reusable surface where you can plan, write or draw. Completely safe for walls, this peel and stick decal can be both repositioned as well as removed.  How cute is this?!   I loved it (and would have loved it in my classroom)

9- This school supplies cake is perfect for any teacher!   I think that they would be set for at least a month with these supplies!

10- A flower-pen is the perfect little teacher gift!  You can make a handful of them and put them in a flower vase or in a little flower pot (filled with coffee beans to hold them in place)


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