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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

I love fall and I love pumpkins, so this pumpkin table centerpiece was perfect for our house (and I can use it with my Thanksgiving Tablecloth!)  I love sharing Halloween (Fall) decorations you can make with your kids that don’t attract pets.   These Halloween decorating tips brought to you by Orkin as part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network.

I love DIY projects, but so many of them can bring unwanted bugs into your house or onto your porch.  (seriously!).  I am NOT a bug-girl.  I kind of flip out when I see them, but thankfully between Mickey and our three sons, I am well taken care of.   On the down side, Allie seems to have taken my approach to bugs and calls for her brothers to come even when she sees a fly.  Oh my!

Aside from them being completely annoying, they can trigger allergies or spread disease.  (Thank you, ORKIN, for inspecting and creating customized treatment programs to keep this under wrap!)

So- here is my craft, with directions (and a few of my favorite secrets…) 

SECRET #1 – IT IS A FAKE PUMPKIN.  So- when I wanted to make this pumpkin centerpiece, I knew that I didn’t want to use a real pumpkin, because this would be going on our dining room table.   Fruit flies eat ripened and fermenting fruit and vegetables.  They become very abundant at harvest tim A carved or rotting pumpkin makes the perfect meal, as it decays.

Blister beetles, feeding in a hay field, may accidentally be ground up when the hay is harvested. Hay stacks by your home’s entrance, could open the door for beetles to come inside.  Straw isn’t much better…  Wet straw can support mold and mildew that plaster beetles eat.  (Scorpions can also be found in pine straw.)
ps- The Spanish moss is fake, too.

The pictures were hard to show, but I tied the bow with the wire and then I attached a long fake flower to the wire.  I then put the flower into the pumpkin and the bow just hangs over the front.  It isn’t glued to the pumpkin or anything.  It is held in place by the flower that is in the foam.

I hope that you liked making this as much as we did!  I love to use it to decorate our dining room table.   I love to decorate this table for every different season.

OH- and here is our Allie B., holding it for me and saying “CHEESE” under that little smile.  She helped me to make it, so now she gets to show it off for you!

That’s it- display it proudly!

ps- At the end of the year, store it in plastic storage bins with your other fall decorations.   (Ps- just be sure to check the containers next year and open them outside in case pests find their way into your home.)
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