Rainbow Loom Box Hack – portable snack organizer!

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I am so excited to share my rainbow loom snack box with you!

How many of you  have a rainbow loom kit lying around your house?  We bought three of them last year (for about $3 each) and have used them with the kid’s rubber bands ever since.

Well, now they are going to be used for this, instead!  My friend, Ashley, uses them to take her kids’s snacks with her when they go on vacation and I love this idea!   We have been taking ours to football games, sports practice, long car trips, amusement parks (it fits in my purse!). It is seriously the best hack we’ve ever done!

Here you go… 

Start like this: (take your rainbow loom band organizer)

Empty the bands (I just put mine into a ziplock bag because our kids don’t make the bracelets nearly as much as they used to, so I don’t’ feel the need to have the colors sorted anymore)

Fill it with your favorite healthy snacks! 

We filled ours with things that would be easy to clean up, if it happened to spill.
 This is a good way to give your child healthier foods (if they only have healthy options, they will pick them!)   You could put fresh fruits in here, but we did dried fruit instead.  We are trying to keep it as ‘non-messy’ as possible!

Here are a few other snack ideas (taken on a different day)

It is portable so that is the best part!

You could put something around it to hold it.  We use the hair bands like these ones.

This is perfect when you are waiting at sports practice.
(Don’t forget to print out a sports scavenger hunt, too!)

They loved having some snacks to munch on!

I hope that you loved this idea as much as we love using it!

What do you think?  Do you think that you are going to use it?   If you don’t have one of these boxes, you can find one anywhere (just a craft organizer like this one – ours is adjustable, too, so that we can fit things like cereal bars in there!)


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