Weight Watcher Ice Cream Sandwiches

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Chocolate graham crackers, frozen whipped center, and a flavor that makes you feel like you’re cheating on your diet are just a few reasons that this recipe will be your new favorite!  This One Point Weight Watchers Ice Cream Sandwich is so good and today’s recipe is pretty similar to the original, with just a twist in the chocolate direction!   

It’s so simple and takes just a minute to make them, but it tastes so real, you’ll think you’re eating the real deal, kind of like how our Banana Nice Cream tastes just like premium ice cream for a fraction of the fat and calories! 

Bonus points for this recipe because it can easily be made into a Vegan Ice Cream Sandwich!

Weight Watcher Ice Cream Sandwich

This frozen skinny treat is one of my favorites of all time! I’ll eat it any time of the year, but as a summer treat, this dessert is the perfect after-dinner snack!  Just pair it with a Southern Frozen Strawberry Lemonade drink & you’re set!  Berries & Chocolate.  😉 

Since this dessert is chocolate and only one weight watcher point, it’s my go-to snack!  The chocolate graham cracker with the frozen whipped creamy center makes this recipe a winner in my book!  You’ll think you’re eating a real Vanilla Ice Cream filled Chocolate Sandwich. 

You will need:

Chocolate Graham CrackersFat-Free Cool Whip

To make Vegan Ice Cream Sandwiches:

Swap the Chocolate Graham Crackers for these Vegan Graham CrackersSwap the Fat-Free Cool Whip for So Delicious Dairy Free CocoWhip (with coconut milk), So Delicious Dairy Free CocoWhip Light (made with coconut oil), or Non-Dairy Plant Based Whipped Topping

Helpful kitchen tools:

Tin FoilMeasuring Spoons

How to Make Chocolate Weight Watcher Ice Cream Sandwiches

Break graham crackers in halfLay them on wax paper or foil (so you can wrap them later)Place 1 Tablespoon of fat-free Cool Whip one cracker square and spread the Cool Whip over the cracker

Take another empty cracker square and place it on top of the cool whip (so it will be like an ice cream sandwich)

Press lightly.Wrap them in foilPut them in the freezer until they are frozen (you can eat them before you freeze them, too, but I prefer them frozen). Once they are frozen, unwrap as you are ready to eat!  Enjoy!!! 

Tip: Remember, unlike cookies or cake, which you probably allow to cool completely before enjoying, these ice cream sandwiches can be eaten as soon as you prepare them if you don’t want to wait for them to freeze! 😉   They are good either way! That’s all there is to this Chocolate Graham Cracker Ice Cream Sandwich Recipe!  Simple, right? 
Each of these delicious little sandwiches is only one Weight Watcher point. 

When I was in college, my roommate (Julia) and I would try to find as many “skinny” recipes as possible.   We both snacked all day long, so finding recipes that worked for us was key!  I can remember the first time that we tried these Skinny Ice Cream Sandwiches.  My aunt had called me to tell me about these Weight Watcher Ice Cream Sandwiches that were only one point. 

It was her idea to use the chocolate graham crackers instead of honey or cinnamon graham crackers (good decision!).    You could probably even use Chocolate Wafers for mini sandwiches if you figure out the point value.  My friend even adds a splash of vanilla extract for a vanilla kick!  She mixes it into the Cool Whip before spreading on the cracker. 

These skinny ice cream sandwiches taste just like a real ice cream sandwich, but I like it even better!  I can eat it without feeling like I’ve overindulged, even when I have a few.   These are easy to whip up, so you can keep a few in your freezer at all times!  😉 

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Weight Watcher Ice Cream Sandwiches

These delicious chocolate frozen dessert are going to be your new favorite for only 1 WW point!



Chocolate Graham CrackersFat Free Cool Whip 


Break graham crackers in half.Lay them on wax paper or foil (so you can wrap them later)Place 1 Tablespoon of fat-free Cool Whip one square and spread over the crackerTake another empty square  and place it on top of the cool whip (so it will be like an ice cream sandwich)Press lightly.Wrap them in foilPut them in the freezer until they are frozen Enjoy!


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