5 snacks to keep your kids going strong through the school day. (I’m sharing on parents.com today!)

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

Today I am so excited and privileged to be guest posting on Parents.com.

I am posting about 5 snacks to keep your kids going strong through the school day.   Here is just a sneak peek (but you can read the full article right here!)

Let me tell you that I stressed as much about snacks as I did about lunches. We had to send in a bag of snacks every week for our kids to eat. I wanted to send healthy snacks, because I knew that eating two oreos every day was not going to be good for anyone (his teacher, his Mama, or his dentist! haha!)

I had to get creative!

Today I am going to share 5 creative snack and lunch ideas for your kids:

1- Del Monte Fruit Burst Squeezers. This was a no-brainer!

I think that I have these with me all day. I keep them in my purse, my diaper bag, at home, at my mom’s house… you name it- I’m sure I can find one there! 
I used to send these for snacks all of the time!
I sent them to the church nursery with our one year old.
I sent them to preschool with our 3 and 5 year olds (in their lunch boxes.
I sent them for snack time with our 7 year old. They were a hit! 
(I may have been known to have a few as my own little snack… shh…)

ps– these are the perfect snack to keep your toddler busy while you are grocery shopping!










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