potty Train in a Weekend to help you potty train during spring break

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

I know Spring is a great time to think about Potty Training.  I hope that this sale helps you to be able to potty train during spring break because it is a great time!  I am actually planning on potty training our youngest child soon, as well.  She just turned 19 months, so I am just getting prepared.   I plan on training her when she is 22 months old (I already have the week planned, because I would like her to be trained before we go on vacation this summer.)

My own children were ‘easy’ to train, so to say, and I owe it all to using our method.  It is fast and to the point.  No, I didn’t invent it (my Grandma used this method with her four kids) but I do walk you through it and share every little detail that I can think of because I want you and your little one to be successful from the very beginning.  I want you to have success the first time around.   I want you to have success in a weekend.

Our kids were so very proud of themselves when they were able to use the potty… and so were we!  (And life just got a whole lot easier! haha!)   Alas, we did have the normal struggles (they regressed, would pee, but wouldn’t poop… yes, the normal ones that everyone seems to encounter) so I have chapters dedicated to just those issues and how we were able to overcome them.

Good luck!  Feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions along the way.    I would be happy to help.

You will get a link to download the book right away.  You can download it to your computer, tablet, phone,  or you can even just print it… whatever works for you!

Good luck!

~ Becky Mansfield


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