Summer break for kids – is it too long?

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Summer break for kids – is it too long?


Well, that time has just arrived.  The kids have been out of school since the first week of June.  I have loved every minute of having them home.  I really do treasure these summer weeks because I love having all of the kids under one roof at the same time!  With that being said… I hate to complain, but I think that they are ready to be back in school.

I would rather they had a few longer breaks during the year (maybe 2 weeks here & there), instead of this very long summer break.  


1- Back when everyone worked on their family farm, this was perfect.  Your family could work well into the evenings and get a lot done!   I don’t know about you, but my kids do not work on a farm, so that theory no longer holds true for us.

2- Did you know that kids lose an average of 2-3 months of what they learned over the summer?   I was a teacher and I definitely saw this each year.   I really try to beat the odds with our own kids by continuing to work with them over the summer.

3-  I think that the kids miss being with their school friends, away from home (being ‘independent’).   When I was younger, I LOVED school!  I really enjoyed the social part of it and I looked forward to going back each fall.  I know, when I taught, I was itching to go back to school by the end of July.  I was ready to meet my new students.  I was ready to re-decorate my room.  I was ready to make my lesson plans.   I was ready to “change lives… one child at a time…”

4). BONUS: I want my kids to be home more during the school year (I miss them when they are gone until 3:00 every day).  I hate to wait until Summer to get a big break with them, so I would rather a few longer breaks during the year.

I wish that instead of a really long summer break, they would do several 2 week vacations throughout the year.  I think that kids need a few breaks during the year and this would be a great compromise!  Maybe one day…

What do you think?   (If you home-school, do you take summers off?)  Do you feel like summer break is just a few weeks too long?

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