10 things teachers are doing that you probably don’t notice

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

Toms of Maine and I are partnering together today for this sponsored post to share 10 things teachers are doing that you probably don’t notice.   For a second year, Tom’s of Maine and DonorsChoose.org have joined forces to launch the #GreenSchoolFund, which will give $1 million to support environmental education in classrooms nationwide.

Because of this, our students and children are helping! They are tackling hands-on projects all around America.  They are learning how a huge impact they have on the planet through their own two hands.

With that in mind, I am partnering with Tom’s of Maine to share the 10 things teachers are doing that you probably don’t notice.

Since teachers have helped our students so much… I wanted to write about the 10 things that they are doing that we DON’T get to see on a daily basis.

I was a teacher and looking at my children’s teachers, I have noticed something… they truly care about our children.   This is the time to honor those people that go above and beyond, after all.

1. They are thinking about our kids when they are at home.
My husband knew every single name of the students in my class.  Why?  Because I talked about them all night long.  “Maddie did the most hilarious thing today!”   “Jon is so thoughtful!  Today he…”

2. They are working during non-work hours.  My sister in law and my brother both work in the upper-aged schools (middle and high school) and they both spend hours a night doing work at home.   They are putting in extra time and they are not being paid for it.  Why?  Because they care about your children.

3.  They are worried about your kids.  Do you know that I still worry about students that I had ten years ago?   I still think about them and wonder if they made friends, did well, got out of that family scenario that they were in… I worry about them.

4. They are cheering for your kids as much as you are!  I used to root my kids on, in the classroom.  I wanted to see them succeed.  If I knew that they weren’t meeting their full potential, I pushed a little harder, because I knew that they had it in them.

5.  They want to have fun with your kids!   They love to see them laugh and smile, too!   It brings joy to our hearts during the day!  They ask about your kid’s day and they want to know details about their fun trips or playdates. 🙂

6. We recognize your child’s talents.  I knew which of my students would struggle in math and which ones would blow me out of the water!

Do you know what is even better?  When parents would tell me, honestly, which areas their children did well and in what areas they struggled.   It was great to have insight like that, because I could give my own findings back to the parents and together we could make an amazing team!

7.  We are dealing with things on our own.   Please remember that teachers have hard days, too.  Maybe our car broke down on our way to work, maybe someone close to us passed away, or maybe our kids were up all night long (or sick).

Other things are on our minds, yet we keep your kids their too, because they are close to our hearts.   If we forget to send a note or don’t get to your e-mail right away, have patience. ♥

8.  They are going into work on their ‘off’ days.   If you drive by an elementary school during the summer, chances are pretty high that you will see a few cars in the parking lot.

They are preparing for the upcoming school year.  The ones that aren’t there are probably planning ideas at home.

9. Giving your child a hug when they need one.   I know that things are so ‘on the fence’ now – we are afraid to give hugs.   I wasn’t.
I hugged my kids that needed hugged.
I patted them on the back when they answered a question correctly.
I braided their hair  if their pony-tail was coming out and their hair was falling into their faces.
I don’t know any teachers who don’t do these things.

Becky & her son

10.  They care about your kids.  In that 8 hours while your child is in their classroom. they are caring for your child and thinking about your child.   Maybe not all teachers, but all of the ones that I taught with (which is probably why I sent our kids to that school.)

Since 2016, the Tom’s of Maine Green Your School Fund has reached nearly 300,000 students, and counting! How amazing!  Think of how much more we can do this year.

Plus, all year long, Tom’s of Maine gives 10% of profits back to helping people and the planet, so by choosing Tom’s of Maine products, you’re helping create the $1 million fund to help make schools more sustainable through DonorsChoose.org.

Are you a teacher?  Just visit GreenSchoolFund.com and share your creative environmental projects through DonorsChoose.org.   Tom’s of Maine will automatically match every citizen donation made to qualifying environmental projects.   Once projects are fully funded, supplies are sent straight to the school to make the project a reality.

Are you a parent?  Share the program with teachers that you know, so you can help them secure funding for their project.   Also, share #GreenSchoolFund hashtag and  GreenSchoolFund.com

Thank you, teachers, for all that you do!

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