Day 22: Tips on organizing kids closets

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

Tips on organizing kids closets

If you can organize your child’s closet, things will run much smoother in the mornings. You will have room for clothes, toys and accessories and getting your child ready will be so much faster and easier for both of you.


Tip 1: My best tip is to add extra storage. We have added extra wire shelves too all of our closets and I add baskets on top of each shelf to hold extras (hair bows, toys…)

Tip 2: Use a hanging organizer or sweater organize
r to get clothes ready for the week or to hold other items. (Vertical space gives you so much more closet storage.)  If you can get a hanging organizer to get outfits ready for the week, this could make your mornings fly by. Pick the outfits out with your child each Sunday and have everything in that spot for the week (even socks and underwear are included in the shelf with their outfit!)  In our baby’s closet, we use the hanging organizers to store diapers, wipes and onesies.IT DOES NOT HAVE TO BE FANCY- just get a cheap one & hang it up.

Tip 3: “Double” the space

Along the same lines, if you can’t add another shelf to your closet, get a rod-doubler. My sister-in-law uses this in her kids closets and it adds an extra row for her to add twice the clothing. You can get these at stores like Babies R Us.


Tip 4: Use the doors (closet door organizers)!
As with the grown-up closets, you need to remember to utilize the backs of doors. I have hooks on the backs of our doors, but you even get an organizer to hold things like socks & hair bows.
You can get these anywhere:    Or use what I use to organize our kids art supplies (see link here)

Tip 5: Keep toys (and hair bows) in sorted baskets.
As seen in my older post on organizing kids toys, this is easy to do and easy to keep up with.

Tip 6: I keep two large containers in the kids closets:
The first one is for clothes that they have outgrown
The second one is for clothes that they have yet to grow into (one size up). I do this because with four kids, there are a lot of hand-me-downs, so it makes it easier for me to swap out the clothes when one child is done or ready for new ones.
I can just move the boxes from closet to closet.
Example: Move the “outgrown” box to the younger child’s “to grow into box” .  I also have one more box for when the youngest child is completely done and this is a “donate to my friends with kids” box.

Tip 7: Shoes.
I do not keep their shoes in their closets (except for the baby). They would lose them, I’m afraid, so I keep them downstairs in shoe organizers. You could make a mudroom bench to hold them. (See my link on DIY mudroom bench) It is by the door and easy for them to get the right shoes on their way out of the house and easy to put away when we get home.

Do you want a whole book devoted just to de-cluttering and organizing?
Here you go:

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