Day 21: Tips to organize your closet

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🏡 Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of Decluttering🏡

Our closet will be completely clean one day and the next day there will be clothes on the floor. Its a little bit of my husband and I and a little bit of our kids (they like to “hide” under our clothes in the closet). The good thing is that since it is “organized”, it is easy for me to clean it up quickly. There is spot for everything.

Tips to organize your closet




Step 1: Out with the old.
The first and best tip that I have comes from my friend, Samantha.
When you are going through your closet to clear out the clothes that you don’t use, follow this tip! At the beginning of every season, turn your hangers one way. Each time that you wear an outfit, put it back in facing the opposite way.
At the end of the season, whichever outfits you did not wear will stay with the hanger facing the first way.
This is a great way to decide which outfits you need to get rid of and which ones you can keep.

Step 2- Hang it up:
Our rule of thumb is:
T-shirts, jeans and shorts and skirts go in a drawer
Sweaters go on a shelf (although I am rethinking this one. The problem is if they are folded, they have a crease line. If they get hung up, they have a hanger mark.)
Everything else gets hung up: dress pants, dress shirts…

Step 3: Accessories:

I hang up all of my accessories in my closet.
You can pick up something like this at any store and have it hanging on your closet wall. If I run out of room, I just use thumb tacks for my extra ones.







Scarves,  ties and belts… oh my!
I also hang up all of my scarves and belts on hooks, too. I have my scarves on one big robe hook (similar to the one used in my DIY MUDROOM BENCH)  My husband hangs his ties on these, too.




Step 4: Put like colors together.

I keep my side of the closet organized by color and it makes it MUCH easier to decide what to wear and when.  I keep all pants in one area, organized by colors.  All of my shirts are in a second area, organized by color.  Lastly, all my sweaters are in a third area, organized by color.

Step 5: shoes

I have our shoes on a shoe rack.  If you need to build one, it is very easy to do!  You could add shelving units to increase storage, as well.  Add an extra shelf or two and it will double your space!  You can add shelving to the backs of doors, too.

Step 6: UTILIZE ALL AREAS (doors, walls, floor).

You can hang hooks on the back of your doors for things like belts or robes.
Lastly,  if your closet is small, you will need to rotate seasonal items.  Buy the under-the-bed-storage boxes for this.  You can get them pretty cheap and just keep them under your bed when you are not using them, but they are easy to access and you can switch them back fairly quickly.
I hope these Tips to organize your closet helped!  Good luck!
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