Top 10 posts from 2013

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šŸ” Click HERE to Join us for 40 Days of DeclutteringšŸ”

šŸ” Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of DeclutteringšŸ”

In January, I found the reader-picked top ten posts and shared them with you. Ā I wanted to share them again today, hoping that you can find a tip that you forgot about or one that could help you in some way.

Ā Here are the most popular ones:Ā 

1. Ā Potty Training in 3 daysĀ series
also Potty Train in a Weekend

2.Ā How to be a Stay at Home Mom on One income
Ā  Ā  Ā also You can be a Stay at Home Mom on One IncomeĀ (money saving tips) Ā 

3. 40 days to Organization (series)Ā ā€“ all of these posts are very popular!Ā 

4. Organize your Refrigerator

5- Kids waking too early (How to keep your kids to sleep later)

6. Age-appropriate chores for kids

7- Daily cleaning list

8- Ā Organizing your cabinets & drawers in your kitchen

9- Healthy & Cheap meal ideas

10- Teaching a child to keep their room clean

Oh- and How to Organize a playroom is another highly read post.


NEW favorites in 2014:Ā 
Decluttering seriesĀ 

5 skills that your child should know before entering Kindergarten:Ā 

If you missed any posts or if you were hoping to find one here, just find them in the search bar at the top right side of the page! šŸ™‚ Ā  (Or visit my Pinterest Boards for some great tipsā€¦ from a lot of great pages!)

I hope that you find these to be very helpful!

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