My brother shares a tip- Using iphone as baby monitor for free!

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 iphone as baby monitor

Do you ever go away and wish that you had a baby monitor with you, but you don’t want to drag along your video monitor?  This is us!  We have video monitors at our house, but to take them on a trip is just not that easy.  We have to take both parts, they are bulky and I am always nervous that they will break or that we will lose a part of it.  We like to have one for our one year old, because when she is napping, we like to keep an eye on her.

My brother and sister in law were telling me about some great ideas for our next trip.  (If you didn’t see their post yesterday on how other can watch your baby on the monitor, check out this post.

So, back to the idea!  They have a friend that takes their iphones on their trips instead of a monitor.  They were going to buy an app for it that can turn their phone into a video monitor, but the risks of this are the same as the risks of the video monitor.  Anyone can see your baby.  It is not hard for someone to hack into your phone.

For this reason, they just face time each other.  They will start a face time conversation and put one phone in the room, facing the baby, while the other parent’s phone is kept with the parents.   Push mute & you are ready to go!  It is easy, free and more safe than the alternatives.

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