6 Watercolor crafts your family will love!

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TheseĀ Ā Watercolor CraftsĀ would be so much fun to do with your kids! Ā You could make a banner and let them hang it in their room or in the living room for a special holiday or a fun surpriseĀ birthday idea. Ā Make a t-shirt or a simple phrase that you frame. Ā  Lets dive into all of these ideas withĀ Stefanie with Simple Acres:

This banner is a simple DIY you can enjoy on your own or do with the little ones!

The material needed include:

ā€“premade paper banner (mine was found from Hobby Lobby)
-water, cup and paint tray

Simply start painting your banner as you please!

To achieveĀ a tie dye look:Ā  paint it inĀ varying colors in a circular fashion using water on yourĀ brush to blend.

I also chose to do some of my banner in an ombre fashion. Ā This can be achieved by painting darker on the paper on one side and then spreading the paint lightly with a watered down brush. The creative possibilities are endless with this simple project!

You could also use your banner and let the kids decorate it with a few simple watercolorĀ pens that works well for this. Ā  This is so fun for them!

The ideas are endlessā€¦. Ā Here are a few that would be great for watercolor crafts:

1- Using the banner to decorate a coke crate.
~Via Meaningful Mama.

2~ Make your own banner and use it on your front door:

3- Decorate a pre-made picture and hang it in your hallway to brighten up your day.
~Via LollyJaneĀ 

4~Make tie-dye t-shirts for the kids.

5~ Draw your favorite word and color around it to make a statement piece. Ā  You could use this in your childā€™s room to say something like ā€œBeautifulā€ or ā€œStrongā€ or ā€œKindā€
Or ā€œBraveā€
Check out thisĀ tie-dye tutorialĀ for the step by step process.

6ā€“ Use your watercolor to make these Coffee-Filter Butterflies:


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