What we found out about Frozen 2

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šŸ” Click HERE to Join Us for 40 Days of DeclutteringšŸ”

So some of you know that we spent last week on a Disney Cruise and at Disney World in Orlando. Ā  Well, Allieā€™s excitement about Elsa & Anna was only heightened after this meetingā€¦

So we did a little digging, researching & e-mailing and here is what we learned about Frozen 2:
(remember that nothing is confirmedā€¦ just that these are the rumors that are circling)

1. Release date is said to be 2017 at the earliest, more likely to be 2018.

2- Prince Hans will be back, with a changed heart.

3- It will talk about second chances, like forgiving Prince Hans

4- Olaf will be back and he will fall in love. Ā  (with either a human or another snowman). Ā This is going to be vital to the movie b/c it will introduce a new character (new merchandise to be sold)

5- Both Elsa & Anna will have new dresses (again- new merchandise)

6- The ā€œbig songā€ (like Let It Go of Frozen 1) will be sung by both girls.

7. Kristen Bell, Idina Menzel and Josh Gad will all be back. Ā ā€œShould my phone ring, I will be there in a heartbeat,ā€ said Bell.

8. The new villain is rumored to be a woman.

9. We get get a more inside look at Elsa. Ā In the first movie, we got to know Anna really well, but Elsa didnā€™t open up until the end. Ā It is said that in Frozen 2, she will be able to show us more of her personality from the beginning.

10. It will end with a positive message, just like the first Frozen!


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